A sad farewell…

I recently mentioned that due to a significant change of my life, I have a lot of free time on my hands. Here is why…

Today I said goodbye to Cargo.

At a young, young age of 18 as a shy and pitiful human I started my first job at a company called Cargo. At first, it was all about getting some pocket money while I spend more than I earn at college. But it didn’t take long before I started enjoying my workplace in Croydon. Let me be clear though, I did not enjoy the work but my co-workers were great. Going to work every weekend was something I soon started looking forward to thanks to the extremely enjoyable company of Heather, Michelle, Jason, Sabur and Bradley.

A short while later, I was faced with an option of either taking up the offer of redundancy or move to Cargo’s branch in Wimbledon. To my mind, this was a choice between a nice little lump sum of money that was extremely enticing for a 19 year old….or add an extra 40 minutes to my journey to work for the same job and same pay with a whole new team of strangers. In the end, I moved to work at the Wimbledon branch. This was by far the best and the most important decision I made in my work life. Once again I met some great people who have gone on to become great (hopefully lifelong) friends; Danielle, Chris, Sally, Hoss and Hammad to name a few. I spent 4 glorious year with these wonderful people, without whom life at Cargo in Wimbledon would have been a dull affair.

Then came time to move on once again; this time to a new and exciting chapter in Walton-on-Thames. A place I had never heard of before, I place that sounded like a far away fantasy land. For all I knew at the time, I was walking into Narnia. It was much better than that. I went through an exciting phase of starting up a new branch and meeting more awesome people like Michael, Natalie, Dan ‘The Dude’, Georgia ‘007’ and Shannon. These were people that brought out a different side of me by challenging me as well as getting involved with my silliness. By now (6 years into my Cargo stint) I had realised that I woke up everyday and went to work for all the people I worked with. I was no longer a pitiful human; I had somehow morphed into a dependant human. I had realised that all the enjoyment I got out of life was dependent on all the people in my life; the people I worked with, the people I now called friends were definitely a part of that.

The following year I was presented with an opportunity to move onto bigger things, something I couldn’t pass up. After a short and sweet period of time at Walton, I went on to another new branch at Woking. Once again a place I had never heard of. And once again a place that brought two more awesome people into my life; Georgia and Ieasha. These are two people who were always up for whatever the situation called, ranging from plain silliness to deep existential conversations. Once again due to arising opportunities, I was only able to spend a relatively short time at Woking and I soon moved on.

Almost 9 years after starting as a weekend part-timer, in June 2015 I started running my own branch. After 9 year of coasting along, relaxing, messing around, cracking jokes and making friendships at Cargo, I was now responsible for my own little team in Staines. This included 2 more awesome people. 2 people who have worked as hard as anybody I have ever come across, 2 people who never said no to any requests I made, 2 people without whom I could not have run the branch; Daisy and Matthew. With more responsibilities on my shoulders than ever before, I needed someone as capable as me if not more to help me steer this sheep straight. So I called upon someone who had started to make a name for herself within the company since I last worked with her. I had to call upon Georgia ‘007’ to keep me in check. This meant that the triumvirate of Georgia, Daisy and Matthew was instrumental for Cargo in Staines.

I have written this post so you can understand the enormity of my situation today. I want to emphasise how big a part Cargo has played in my life. Today, my heart weeps because I bid farewell to Cargo; the company that has given me the platform to learn important life lessons, mature as a human and form lifelong friendships. I will miss working at the various Cargo branches over the years and I will be eternally grateful to it for giving me the opportunity to meet some amazing people. And it is to all these amazing people I have named in this post I say…

Stay awesome!


One thought on “A sad farewell…

  1. It’s always the people. Without fail, the crew at Wimbledon and Putney made a huge and valuable impact on me as a person, as did the Redhill mob. You’re a cool cat and we’re always a delight to work with.
    Cargo for me was a wonderful place, again a big company but not so big that individuals couldnt make a change in it. I wish you all well in your next and exciting chapter.

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