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Do you listen to podcasts? Or do you know of them but never quite knew how to get into them? Or have you never heard of them before? Here is a small list of my recommendations to get you started…

Over the better part of the last decade, podcasts have made their way into the mainstream in a way very few anticipated. There is a plethora of podcasts out there in the ether about any topic you can think of; there are even podcasts about agriculture.

I have spent a lot of time commuting over the last few years and found myself immersed deeper and deeper into the world of podcasts. Suffice it to say, I listen to a lot…So strap in and read on.

  • The /Filmcast 

This is the official movie podcast of www.slashfilm.com and has been going strong since 2008. It is currently hosted by three very funny and knowledgeable people who bring a unique perspective into the world of movies that resonates with me. You can expect a weekly episode where they discuss the latest movie news, a brief section about what they have recently been watching and finish off with an in-depth review of a new release.

  • Arseblog

No, this isn’t a podcast about arses; though I have no doubt if you looked hard enough, one must exist. This is a podcast about the great, as well as infuriating, football club known as Arsenal. Yes I am a gooner and I have endured my share of nail-biting and heart ache over the years to prove it. Andrew Mangan is a brilliantly funny man who runs this podcast along with the Arseblog website.  You can get a weekly roundup of all news Arsenal related, a review of the last match and a preview of the next match; all discussed in the company of other journalists and fans.

  • The Bugle

A satirical comedy podcast that looks at the current issues around the world. One of my favourites and definitely one of the best ones around. With my short attention span, this is the best way for me to keep up with the current issues and retain the information – because they make it fun to listen to! One of the hosts of this podcast is John Oliver. The same John Oliver of HBO fame. If you aren’t already, I would also highly recommend checking out the YouTube channel of his Last Week Tonight With John Oliver TV show.

  • A Cast of Kings

Out of the thousands of Game of Thrones podcasts out there, this is one of the best ones. One of the host has read every single book of The Song of Ice and Fire series bring a knowledgeable (spoiler free) perspective to the show. While the other hasn’t read any of the books and therefore brings the perspective of the average fan of the show. It is this interesting combination that keeps me coming back.

  • The Cracked Podcast

This is the official podcast of Cracked.com. This is by far the most diverse podcast I listen. Their topics can vary from ‘How Disney movies program your mind’ to ‘Racist white stuff people believe’ to ‘Why the English language is messing with your head’. Trust me when I say this, there is something for everyone on the Cracked podcast.

  • The Empire Podcast

Another movie podcast on the list. This time by the British publication Empire Magazine. This is a similar podcast to the one mentioned earlier; they discuss the week in movie news and review the new releases. But the major difference is that they also have an interview with a director/producer/actor involved with one of the new releases.

  • Geek History Lesson

This podcast is exactly what the title suggests. Every week, Jason and Ashley pick  a character from pop culture and educate you on their history. Some of their recent episodes include Zoom (the version from the Flash TV show), History of the Jedi and Deadpool. Quite often these episodes are released in timely fashion to take advantage of whatever is on the big and the small screen at the time.

  • Hollywood Babble-On

This is the only out and out comedy podcast on this list. Co-hosted by Kevin Smith (directer of Clerks, Mallrats, etc.) and Ralph Garman (impressionist extraordinaire), you will enjoy a lot dick jokes, celebrity trashing (i.e. beiber and the kardashians) and just weird hilarity. There is no simple way to describe this podcast; you just have to experience it for yourself.

  • The Infinite Monkey Cage

This podcast is a direct reference to the Infinite Monkey Theorem – if you don’t know what this is, read up on it here. One of the co-hosts of this podcast is the great Brian Cox. This is an extended version of the BBC Radio 4 show. The usual format of each episode is a panel of 2/3 scientists and 1 comedian with the 2 hosts and they discuss a scientific theory or a discovery. It is fascinating stuff.

  • The Joe Rogan Experience

This is one of my favourites. Joe Rogan is a comedian, UFC commentator and used to be the host of Fear Factor. Simply put, Joe sits down with some cool and amazing people and just talks for hours. But these chats can sometimes take interesting tangential turns and you cannot help but go down the rabit hole with him.

  • The Nerdist

Chris Hardwick has a casual conversation with actors, film makers, movie writers, novelists, musicians, comedians and out and out icons of the current pop culture. Subscribe and listen selectively to the episodes with personalities that you are interested in. The reason this is on the list is that Chris is very well connected and he manages to some huge names into his office. Some of the biggest names in the last few years include Sir Patrick Stewart (multiple times), Tom Hanks and Paul McCartney

  • No Such Thins As A Fish

This podcast is run by the writers of the awesome BBC show QI. All 4 hosts of the podcast bring 4 interesting facts every week, go off on tangents and hilarity ensues. I cannot recommend this podcast highly enough.

  • The Tuesday Club

I mentioned earlier that I am a proud gooner. Although, I can be proud and extremely frustrated at Arsenal’s performances at the same time. This podcast is fun to listen to because it is basically a bunch of fans sitting around and venting their frustration just like I do with my friends. What makes is compelling is that it is hosted by a couple of comedians, mainly Alan Davies.

  • We Have Concerns

This is a bite sized comedy science show. Fans of the show send in interesting articles from the world of science and technology to the show and the two hosts discuss it 25 minutes at a time. I know it sounds pretty simple but that description doesn’t even begin to cover what you hear on these episodes. There are improv impersonations of octopus, ‘what if’ mind experiments as well as the irrational fear of the Australian outback.

So there it is. A list of some of the podcast I listen to. This is of course by no means a definitive list. I’m sure there are many, many more brilliants podcasts our there that I don’t listen to or have never heard of.

What do you think? Did you like the list? Do you listen any of these? Do you have any other recommendations for me? Let me know. Hit me up on Twitter @thepratikmehta or Facebook.

Stay Awesome!


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