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Special Correspondents Review

The latest creation by Ricky Gervais is now available on Netflix. Here is my review…

So you have a couple of hours to kill, there isn’t really much on your day’s agenda and you’re staring at a the scrolling images on Netflix. If you find yourself in this predicament you might as well watch Special Correspondents; that is pretty much the only reason I ended up watching it.

Special Correspondents is about a journalist and his sound engineer finding themselves in an apartment in New York while faking their news stories of covering a rebel uprising in Ecuador.

If you enjoy the typical Gervais humour, you will enjoy parts of this film. I certainly did. The parts that look like Ricky improve’d it in the moment are the best moments. You can see the other characters trying to stifle their laughter to save the take. Yes, there are some hilarious moments. Chief amongst them is Gervais acting as a bumbling badass high on cocaine firing his way out of a sticky situation.

The performances were hit and miss. Gervais as always is very believable and the bumbling, shy man who is very unsure of himself. Eric Bana is also very good as the charismatic douchebag. Kelly Macdonald trying to put on an American accent was just plain terrible. She seemed to be emphasizing all the wrong words that made her sound really unnatural. Gervais retains his English accent so I don’t understand why Kelly Macdonald couldn’t just keep her Scottish accent; I love her Scottish accent. The best part of this film was Vera Farmiga’s performance as a money hungry wife of Gervais’ character preying on his situation to maker herself rich. She had a lot of fun working on this film and it shows.

Overall, I probably wouldn’t recommend you going out of your way to find and watch this movie. There is nothing special about either of these correspondents. But if you’ve exhausted your Netflix watchlist and got 2 hours to kill, give it a try. It is a decent way to pass your time and you don’t really to pay too much attention.

My Score: 5/10

So there it is. Have you seen it? What did you think? Lets continue the discussion –Tweet me or find me on Facebook.

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