Road Trip: Day 1

A few weeks ago my cousin called to see if I was free to go into the city of London; turns out he had bought a new car. We get to talking and it turns out he had a week off towards the end of May; we put two and two together and a plan for a road trip to Scotland was born. 

So I packed some clothes and my tech and arrived at my cousins last night. Mainly so he wouldn’t have to drive through all the traffic into and out of Croydon on a Monday morning. But it also gave us a chance to make final preparations and discussions about the road to take, who drives, when/where to take a break and the usual.

1st destination: Peak District!

We set off bright and early with intentions of making our way to Peak District first. With one break at a service station we arrived in a small town called Matlock around 1PM. A town on the way into the middle of Peak District, Matlock is a serene place. We found a little deli to have lunch at and wander around the park with some great views like this:

After a leisurely walk, it was time to set off again. The locals recommended we drive through Chatsworth  to experience a scenic route onwards to York. And boy am I glad we listened to them. We were able to to drive through mesmerising routes like this:

Absolutely stunning!

2nd destination: York

After navigating through parts of the Peak District for an hour, it was back to the mundanity of the M1 and the M18 motorway for a further hour and a half before we reached York. All we really wanted to do at this point was to check in and relax. We had booked a room in the Parsonage Hotel on the outskirts of the city.

So we checked in, relaxed for a little bit, freshened up and off we went into the city of York. There is a difference in what we Londoners call a city and the City of York. For us, this is more of a town; the population is barely over 200k compared to the 8.6 million of London. However, everyone is just really chilled out. No one is shouting over each other to get themselves heard, you see lots of people on an evening stroll running into people they know and having casual conversation. Overall, just a really relaxed part of the country that everyone must visit should you get a chance.

The main attraction really is the ancient architecture. We haven’t yet had a chance to visit all of it. But we did stumble upon Clifford’s tower. I’m not really going to go into the history of it (google it! don’t make me do everything) but in short, there is a bloody castle tower in the middle of the town centre. WTF!

After some dinner and a little walk around the town, we are now back at the hotel ready to rest up in preparation for tomorrow. The plan tomorrow is to explore York a little bit more and then move on to another destination. So stay tuned…


Thats the Day 1 roundup of the road trip. Find the roundup of the other days down below:

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What did you think? Any recommendations while I’m in this part of the country? Let me know! Hit me up on Twitter or Facebook. And most importantly…

Stay awesome!


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