Road Trip: Day 2

Hello all! Back again with another roundup. Leaving the serene Parsonage Hotel behind, we set off for one last trip into York city. We couldn’t leave without checking out the city’s main attraction: York Minster.

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Look at that and tell me you don’t get a feeling of awe…I’m not a catholic nor am I all that religious but there is something to be said about a place of worship; I appreciate the moment of introspection.

1st Destination: North York Moors

It was time to say goodbye to York and we set off at around 11AM for another day of driving through the beautiful countryside Yorkshire has to offer. Our eyes were set on driving through the hills of the North York Moors on our way to the North. Long stretches of road without any traffic, beautiful sunny skies and lush views were what was on offer.

The only way this particular drive would have improved is if we stumbled across a spot that offered enormous vistas from a towering view point. And wouldn’t you just know it…

We managed to somehow drive up to over 1400ft above sea level and came across this view. We had lost signal on our phones; it was as if nature itself wanted us to take notice and appreciate the beauty of the farmlands as far as the eye could see (and more!) My cousin (Dhaval) put it very aptly when he said “You know you’ve been on a proper road trip when your phone loses service”. A proper road trip indeed and this is just day 2.

2nd Destination: Edinburgh

It was 2:30PM by the time we cut through the North York Moors (with a quick pit stop at a service station near Guisborough) and it was time to set our sights on our next destination, our home for the next couple of nights, deep into Scotland, Edinburgh!

After a further 100 miles of driving, we had a late lunch at a small cafe called Purdy Lodge near a small town called Warenford. Yeah, I’ve never heard any of those names either…just something that we once again stumbled upon. However, the portions were large and the lady kindly put on Sky Sports for us. We enjoyed a nice lunch while watching the IPL.

From there it was a further 80-something miles to our hotel in Edinburgh with a beautiful drive along the coast with the water and one side

and views like this on the other side:

It was certainly quite a departure from what I’m used to driving on the motorways in and around London. With the car in cruise control, my head kept darting left and right trying to soak in the sights. Every glance at the navigation system indicated our Hotel was getting closer and closer; and with every glance a pang of disappointment hit me with the realisation that this drive was coming to an end.

It was around 7PM when we arrived at the hotel, ready to call it a night with some room service and a peaceful night’s sleep hoping for a day full of exploration in the picturesque city of Edinburgh.


Thats the Day 2 roundup of the road trip. Find the roundup of the other days down below:

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What did you think? Any recommendations while I’m in this part of the country? Let me know! Hit me up on Twitter or Facebook. And most importantly…

Stay awesome!


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