Road Trip: Day 3

Hello all! Back again with another roundup. After a full day of driving yesterday, we thought we’d take it a little easy today and set off a little later than usual. We had a bit of a lie in and the day started officially at 10AM while we made our way into Edinburgh city centre.

1st Destination: Princes Street, Edinburgh

We caught a bus into the city centre and got of on the historic Princes Street. This street has almost no building on one side affording spectacular views of the Edinburgh Castle Rock and the Princess Street Gardens in the foreground. Just look at all that green!

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But before we made out way into the castle itself we thought we’d explore the city centre itself a little bit more; we would need over an hour to wander around the castle. So we walked further up Princes Street with our eyes set on Calton Hill.

2nd Destination: Calton Hill, Edinburgh

With a brief detour through the Scottish National Gallery, we walked all the way to the other end of Princess Street and climbed up Calton Hill to soak in the expansive views of the City from the top.

The best part of the whole hill is the (forever incomplete) National Monument of Scotland; the national memorial to Scottish soldiers. Regardless of the extent of its completion, it is still a marvel to behold.

After climbing down the hill (so much easier!) and some shopping of local products and souvenirs, we made our way to the Royal Mile in the centre of the Old Town . This is the busiest street in Edinburgh (except Princes Street) with an endless row of shops enticing tourists to part with their cash. Its no wonder because the Royal Mile is the mile long succession of streets that connects Holyrood Palace (the home of British Royals in Scotland) with Edinburgh Castle. In short, it is tourist central.

3rd Destination: Edinburgh Castle

After a bit of lunch, we finally made it to Edinburgh Castle around 3PM. There is so much history here. There is a chapel here which is over 8 centuries old and is still solid and used regularly; the St. Margaret’s Chapel still hold a few weddings a month and is open to anyone and everyone who dreams of getting married in the oldest building in Edinburgh.

The other wonder is the views that are afforded because of the height you’ll be standing at. Below is a beautiful panoramic shot of the City of Edinburgh with the River Forth in the background. In person, you can even make out parts of the County of Fife across the river.

In the end, it was a exploratory day full of walking and wonder in a historic city. Something I am really glad I have had a chance to do. I would highly recommend you visit the city too if you ever get the chance.

Thats the Day 3 roundup of the road trip. Find the roundup of the other days down below:

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What did you think? Any recommendations while I’m in this part of the country? Let me know! Hit me up on Twitter or Facebook. And most importantly…

Stay awesome!


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