Road Trip: Day 5

Hello all! Back again with another roundup. After yesterday’s arduous trek through the forests of The Trossach National Park, today was intended to be a stroll. An easy drive to our next destination and then a relaxing evening.

We did however, start the day with a game of lawn chess after breakfast on the hotel premises (I lost -_-). We set off from our hotel at Loch Ard at 11Am making our way to the crown jewel of the Trossach National Park.

1st Destination: Loch Lomond, The Trossach National Park

The quaint little village of Luss on the bank of Loch Lomond is only about an hour’s beautiful drive from our hotel at Loch Ard. Once we got there, it was evident why Loch Lomond is the crown jewel of the entire Trossach National Park. I managed to get a beautiful photo on my phone that you can see below.


We spent an hour walking up and down the bank and the pier. This may well we the most awe-inspiring place I’ve come across on this trip. The huge expanse of water with the mountains in the background….I could have stared at it for hours!

But we didn’t have that kind of time. We had to move on to our next destination.

2nd Destination: Glasgow

We arrived in Glasgow at around 2:30PM and checked in to the hotel. After a little rest in the room, we set out into the city centre to see what Glasgow has to offer. The city centre is massive! With at least 3 distinctive sections, a walk around through the streets of the entire centre must be equivalent of at least a mile and a half. However, overall it isn’t much different to the shopping centres we find in parts of London.

I was left a little disappointed by Glasgow city centre. I can accept that, with more time, I should have visited some of the attractions away from the city centre…hopefully next time. The evening however, wasn’t a complete waste and was saved by dinner at Bill’s restaurant.

Overall, today had possibly the high as well as the low of the trip as a whole. Either way, I am certainly glad that both these destinations were part of my trip and I look forward to what the last few days will bring.


Thats the Day 5 roundup of the road trip. Find the roundup of the other days down below:

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What did you think? Any recommendations while I’m in this part of the country? Let me know! Hit me up on Twitter or Facebook. And most importantly…

Stay awesome!


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