Road Trip: 2016

It has been a week of visiting new places for me. Driving over 1,100 miles across the UK and visiting, what feels like, almost as many settlements/villages/towns/cities has been a lot of fun. Here is my round up for the entire road trip. 

So I started this road trip with my cousin Dhaval on Monday, 23rd May, with no other expectations except to see new parts of the country. Having started the trip with the usual M25 nonsense, it was all plain sailing from then onwards. We visited places like Matlock and Chatsworth in the Peak District and had a lunch time stroll through the Hall Leys Park.

Then we moved on to visit the ancient Roman city of York. We got a chance to visit some of the city’s attractions and be amazed at the scale of architecture on show. One of which is the Clifford’s tower near the edge of the city centre. I climbed up the side of the hill to have a look over the city skyline.

A visit to York is incomplete without visiting the York Minster cathedral. This was awe-inspiring. I mentioned on the day I visited that I’m not a catholic nor am I all that religious, but there is something about visiting ancient places of worship. It sparks a moment of introspection within you that is hard to come by in this day and age. This feeling of introspection became a theme of this trip as a whole. But more on than a little later.

After York, it was time to move on to Edinburgh…with a detour. We drove through the North York Moors to experience the beautiful English Countryside once again. We were essentially driving through the mountains; up and down we went on the narrow roads, through the little villages that had settled along the way and stumbling across the spectacular vistas along the way. Like this:

Another moment of introspection, its moments like these that makes your re-consider the mundane aspects of life that we spend so much time worrying about.

We eventually made it to Edinburgh via a drive up the east coast and crossing the border into Scotland. The theme of Edinburgh was all about architecture, both medieval and Georgian. We walked in and around the city centre, visited Calton Hill – the home of the National Scottish Monument.

We also went into the historic fortress that is Edinburgh Castle. The place where, to this day, the Crown jewels of Scotland as well as the Stone of Destiny are still housed. Edinburgh castle is also the home of the National War Museum of Scotland. But perhaps the one that got to me the most was the Soldier’s Dog Cemetery.

This is the view of the City of Edinburgh from the vantage point of being on top of the Castle.

And on the other end, this is the view of the Castle from the vantage point of the famous Princes Street.

#princessstreetgardens #edinburghcastle #edinburgh

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After Edinburgh, we moved on to the northernmost point of this trip, The Trossachs National Park. The quietest, most serene place I’ve ever visited. We also somehow ended up going on a trek (lucky me) which afforded us some gorgeous views of large parts of the park as well as Loch Ard. This was my favourite place of the entire trip for the sole reason of the sense of wonder that the place invoke in me. Forever a lasting memory…

Driving down the hilly roads was a lot of fun! My heart was in my mouth multiple times but it was exhilarating at the same time. We drove to Loch Lomond next, the main point of attraction in the Trossachs National Park. Once again, the serenity I experienced is overwhelming and unparalleled in my personal experience. I could have sat over the ledge of the pier and looked out at the vista forever.

It was now time to head back south (after an overnight halt in Glasgow) with a drive through the beautiful lands of the Lake District. We drove down south on the winding roads of the Lake District past the banks of Lake Ullswater and onto Lake Windermere where we spent a couple of hours strolling.

#DarkClouds #Lake #Windermere #LakeDistrict #Marina

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That was it. It wasn’t long before the trip would come to an end. With an overnight halt in Manchester and a visit into the famous Trafford Centre, we set off back down south again…set off to go home. A 4 hour drive with the roof down the entire way, it wasn’t long before it hit me that trip was indeed coming to an end.

Overall, this was a spectacular way to spend a week. Before this trip, I had never been further up north than Leicester. Through this trip, we went on a giant loop across the U.K. covering over 1,100 miles in 6 days. This was an experience I’m glad I got to have and will remember for a long time to come.

Screen Shot 2016-05-28 at 11.23.42 pm

I also wrote daily round ups along the way through the trip. If you’d like to read those too, click on the links below.

Day 1  – Day 2 – Day 3Day 4 – Day 5 – Day 6

There it is ladies and gentlemen, a quick round up of my road trip. What did you think? Have you had a similar experience yourself? Please share, I’d love to hear about it. And more importantly…

Stay awesome!



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