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The Fundamentals of Caring Review

The Fundamentals of Caring is a small Netflix original film that was released without much fanfare not too long ago; and that is a shame.  This film deserves much more.


At its core, this is a road trip film. A road trip with a caregiver and his patient who form a special friendship along the way. A friendship that allows Paul Rudd’s character (the caregiver) to deal with his own issues while helping Craig Roberts’ character (the patient) to also overcome his fear of the ‘new’. Selena Gomez is good in her small but important role too.

The Fundamentals of Caring is a very heartfelt film that is well made despite its predictability. There is something to be said about a film that can make you smile and cry at the same time. I am a sucker for these films. My only issue with this film is the aforementioned predictability at times; a small issue in the grand scheme of things.

Overall, this is a huge recommendation from me. You cannot help but attach yourself to the character presented in the film.

My Score: 4/5

The Fundamentals Of Caring is available now on Netflix. Have you seen it? What did you think? Lets continue the discussion –Tweet me or find me on Facebook.


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