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The Lego Batman Review 

From the geniuses who managed to turn legos into a fully fledged entertaining movie for all ages comes the next instalment in the Lego movie universe…and it is a worthy entry!


I am no expert in Batman lore, nor do I have any extensive knowledge of Batman on screen. But my word, this has got to be up there as one of the best Batman put on screen! The Lego Movie was a tremendous surprise not only in its conception as a movie, but also how many characters they managed to pull into the movie…The Lego Batman Movie also manages to do that, but these characters are far more surprising; deep and far from left field.

Yes, that is one of the biggest positives of this movie for me. The way they managed to weave so many characters into the story (almost the entire Batman rogues gallery as well as other that I won’t spoil for you) is truly impressive. The intro to the movie itself had me in stitches! Remember the Deadpool opening credits scene? Now imagine that narrated by the narcissistic Batman we met in The Lego Movie…its funnier than you’re imagining it right now. And the jabs at other DC movies….Bravo!

The jokes come at you so fast that when the movie takes a turn to the emotional core of the story, I felt taken aback. The turn in the story was very abrupt and sharp and took me out of the movie for a little bit…and gave me a breather. This turn however comes back around to being quite essential to the payoff in the third act. But I just wish they had found a better way of executing it.

Overall, The Lego Batman Movie is sharp, witty and really funny! Make sure you are fully awake when you go to watch this movie; it is highly kinetic and it keeps coming at you for long stretches throughout the movie.

 My Score: 4/5…go watch it now! You’ll have a lot of fun. 

The Lego Batman Movie is out now at the cinemas. Have you seen it? What did you think? Lets continue the discussion –Tweet me or find me on Facebook.

Stay Awesome!


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