Trip to Marrakech – June 2017

I spent a few days in a country I had never visited before on a continent I had left behind for almost 20 years. The trip was all booked and I had just started a new job 5 days prior to the date of leaving; I was in the right mindset for some time away in some searing heat. I left for Marrakech with the family on a Saturday afternoon…

The trip itself started off a little hectic. We decided to have lunch at the airport once we were through security only to realise the gate was closing in minutes of us receiving our food and our gate was a 15-minute walk away. After leaving half the plate of food behind and jogging our way to the gate, we find that there was still a queue of people waiting to get through the gate and we had to wait 20 minutes to get onto the plane and take off was 30 minutes late anyway -_- We didn’t get into our rooms until 9:30 PM, so Sunday was officially day 1.

Day 1 was all about exploring the Atlas Mountains, specifically the High Atlas Range, with a very talkative and friendly guide named Ismail. We drove up and down the mountains to see the variety of valleys from various high vantage points. Cameras just can’t do justice to the views from these vantage points. Having said that, below is a photo of one of our stops. At one point, we were at an elevation of 2000 metres.

Exploring the red mountains of Morocco 🇲🇦#ShotoniPhone

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Along the way, we also stopped off for a 2-hour trek in a small village in the mountains called Sti Fadma. This trek involved walking/climbing up rocky mountains through a village settled along the side of a mountain to go up to see a small waterfall and splash around in the little pond at the foot of the waterfall. The trip across the mountains culminated with lunch on one of the peaks feasting on traditional Morrocan food. One of the things I’ll remember the most from that day is how the locals feast on the riverside and in the river itself. That colourful image is something I will remember for a very long time.

How to feast in Morocco 🇲🇦

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The day came to a close with dinner at the resort as part of our all-inclusive package and leeching off the wifi at the reception…Ending the day this way became somewhat of a theme of our trip because the wifi coverage didn’t quite reach our rooms.

Day 2 was all about exploring the beautiful city of Marrakech. After a quick dip in the pool, we caught the resort shuttle bus and were dropped off in the middle of the city. From there we explored the simplicity of Menara Gardens, the mesmerising brilliance of Bahia Palace, the hectic and colourful markets within the wall of the old town and finished off with the majestic peace of Majorelle Garden. We made it back, once again, just in time for dinner at the resort and more leeching on the wifi.

Peace and tranquility ✌️

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Me and @ishh18 using our considerable powers.

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Day 3 brought my favourite experience of the entire trip. Quad biking through the rocky deserts and villages on the outskirts of Marrakech was a great experience aided by an adrenaline rush borne out of driving at 60 mph. After over 2 hours of this, all I had the energy to do was to relax and recoup some energy. So once again, we were back at the pool to round off the holiday.

What struck me most about the city of Marrakech is the cleanliness of a city that has millions of tourists visiting every year. But then again, that is to be expected considering how large of an impact tourism has on the local economy. The architecture is very appealing with green everywhere you go. Whether it as the entrance of a public building or in between road lanes or along the footpaths in every part of the city…you will see the likes of date, orange and olive trees amongst others lining all parts of the city. It struck me that this was part of the planning from the offset and the foresight is to be admired. Check out the Marrakech train station here…

Marrakech train station

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Anywho, this was a very good trip with adventures in exploring a city that is completely new to me. I would highly recommend you visit Marrakech or other parts of Morroco if you ever get the opportunity. As I have grown into an adult, these experience have climbed higher up my list of priorities to seek out. I pray and hope for more opportunities like this in my future and I look forward to taking advantage.

I hope you enjoyed this little roundup. But I cannot stress enough that you have to experience this for yourself if you are able to. You can find some more photos of the trip by clicking here. If you have been, let me know how your trip went. Leave me a comment below or find me on Facebook and Twitter.


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