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Film Review: Power Rangers (2017)

This Power Rangers movie is a reboot that features the characters from the beloved Mighty Morphin Power Rangers series from the 90s. Read my review…


Set in a a small town called Angel Grove, a group of high-school outcasts are infused with unique superpowers and dubbed the Power Rangers. When they learn that an enemy of the old generation has returned, the team must learn to harness their powers and work together to save the world. harness their abilities in order to save the world. You know the drill, its the same format every time. Check out the trailer.

I never watched much of the tv show except an episode or two every now and again. But I did experience it enough to understand the nostalgic value many people have attached to this property; even if I didn’t share that feeling myself. But it was all out of sight and out of mind for me as I grew older. Then a couple of years ago, a fan film named Power/Rangers by Joseph Kahn and Adi Shankar brought it all back into pop culture conversation. Here we are a couple of years later…

What I did enjoy about this movie is being able to relate to the nostalgia for the show from the 90s but with a little more grit this time around. The performance from all the actors was decent too; nothing spectacular but none of them detracted from the movie. Some of the camera positioning stood out quite a bit and I really appreciated them. The action itself is quite good too despite feeling rushed a little bit.

Speaking of rushed, the whole third act seemed rushed and choppy. It was almost like the traditional cheesy episodic nature of the original tv shows. While in complete contrast, I felt we could have done with 20 minutes less from the first and second act. Some of the CGI stood out for the wrong reasons because of its mediocrity. And the sound mixing was jarring at times when a famous pop culture song just kicks in. EXCEPT when the original theme kicks in….that just brought a smile to my face.

Overall, I had a good time watching this movie…maybe because I never really had any sort of attachment to the tv shows. Would I have preferred a feature length version of the Joseph Kahn and Adi Shankar’s version? Definitely! But there is enough entertainment here for many people to enjoy. FYI – you can check out the aforementioned fan film by clicking here. I would highly, highly(!) recommend that you do.

My Score: 3/5 – which is a recommendation.

Power Rangers is available now to stream/rent online and should be available on DVD and BluRay very soon.

Have you seen it already? Were you a fan of the tv shows? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Facebook or Twitter.

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